Our Fleet

NFS TRUCKING is GTA’s fastest growing carrier specializing in store transfers and warehouse deliveries. Our fleet is being constantly expanded and includes the whole range of trucks suitable for all load sizes.


Vans are used for smaller loads less than 1 skid up to 2000lbs.

3T Straight Truck

3 ton truck carries loads up to 6000 lbs. Heavier goods, like bottled water or ceramic tiles, should be measured by their weight, not by skids.

5T Straight Truck

5 ton truck allows to ship loads up to 14500 lbs.

Tandem Straight Truck

Tandem is the largest straight truck type, it carries up to 24000 lbs.

T&T Tandem

Standard 53 ft tractor & trailer can be loaded up to 48000 lbs.

T&T Tridem

Tri-axel tractor & trailer is designated for heavier loads and can carry up to 65000lbs.